Rickie "Rick Rude" Hodges - NPC National Level Bodybuilder and Personal Trainer

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  • 1 session -$50
  • 1 session per week  ($40 each)

  • 2 sessions per week  ($35 each)
  • 3 sessions per week  ($30 each)
  • 4 sessions per week ($25 each)
  • Monthly training programs included

  • Month to Month options available

  • To purchase 1 on 1 sessions follow Training Checkout page

FOR COMPETITORS(Distant or Local):
I offer a 12 week  program specifically for competitors. This will include a nutrition and supplement regimen,2 training sessions per month, e-mailed monthly workouts and cardio programming. Adjustments to this will be made all the way until the date of your show as well as "peak week" protocol.(HOWEVER, I AM NOT A CONTEST PREP COACH, I ONLY DO NUTRITION AND TRAINING FOR THE SHOW. FOR POSING, CONTEST LOGISTICS, ETC. MY LOCAL CLIENTS USE JS FIT FACTORY)

  • One time fee of $380.00

  • Offseason Nutrition Programs $100 per month(includes 2 training sessions per month only NO workout programs) ($80 for distant clients who do not use the 2 training sessions per month)
12 week Meal Plan
$200.00 1 time fee. Includes nutrition, supplementation and cardio program with adjustments as needed

4 week Training Program
Weight gain/loss/management
Male or Female Plans
12 Week Nutrition Plan
1 time payment
Price: $200.00
1 Month Offseason Nutrition Plan(Local)
1 time payment
Price: $100.00
1 Month Offseason Nutrition Plan (Distant)
1 time payment
Price: $80.00
12 Week Contest Prep
1 time payment
Price: $380.00
4 Week Training Program
1 time payment
Price: $50.00
1 Single Training Session
1 time payment
Price: $50.00
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